My daughter is in last stages of Alz. If she passes at home who do I call? Can I keep her untill her daughter comes from two hours away?



When it is time and a funeral director is called, you can request a delay of a couple hours for them to arrive or just have the call delayed. My aunt passed on a Sunday and my son requested such a delay for an hour. She requested cremation. The funeral director and I sat around in the house and talked about preparations while he had private time.
IF the passing happens in the middle of the night, I am sure the funeral director would appreciate the extra sleep.
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I also agree with the call to hospice. Hospice will handle the needed reporting.

When we put my MIL onto hospice services, they recorded all of the information as to our prepaid final arrangments, and their MD will sign the death certificate. If she passes away, the first instruction is to call hospice, who will come and handle the needed calls and services and reporting. When my father's partner was in a hospice facility and his passing was fast approaching, they were able to give me a list of service providers so I could select a service, and when he passed, again, they handled all the calls and reporting, etc.

It's one less thing to have to worry about. Otherwise, the police are generally called, who in turn call the coroner and that's a stress and time investment that you really don't need to be subjected to if you can get hospice involved now.

Best wishes. I'm so sorry.
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I second (third/fourth/fifth) that you get hospice involved. When my father died all we needed to do was call them and they arranged everything. I think they even called the mortuary (but I can't remember for sure). It was all very peaceful and calm.
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I second hospice if she’s not already on it. If you are on hospice the police do not need to be called if you pass at home. when my MIL passed, hospice was called first & they sent a nurse to pronounce her dead and then we called the mortuary & we requested they come at noon. No involvement from the police or coroner. If you aren’t on hospice then the police would have to be called out and the coroner would come out as well.
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Elcaregiver1010, I am so sorry you are going through this with your daughter.

I also vote for Hospice which will give your daughter comfort during her final days. The Hospice nurse usually can pin point within 48-72 hours or so when the passing might be, which will give you time to contact your grand-daughter so she can come see her Mom.

I had used Hospice for both of my parents and their passing was quite peaceful. Hospice had a doctor or a doctor's assistant come out to declare the person has passed. Then Hospice would call the funeral home of your daughters choice, that they have on your daughter's chart. It is always very tough to call a funeral home so it was nice having a 3rd party do that.

Hospice also offers counseling if you or your grand-daughter need to speak with someone.
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Has your daughter preplanned her funeral? If yes, contact the funeral home. In BC Canada, I know of more than one family who kept their loved one home for a few hours to allow family one last visit.

The police do not attend, if it is an expected death. The funeral home will come to pick up the body.

If it is an unexpected death, an ambulance will take the body to the local hospital morgue. A decision will be made by the authorities if an autopsy is needed. If not the body will be picked up from the hospital by the funeral home. At this point a family member will have to identify the remains. This step is to make sure they have the correct body.

It is much easier to meet with the funeral home ahead of time instead of after the death. There are so many questions to be answered and decisions to make.
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Have you considered hospice for your daughter? Call her doctor and ask for a Hospice Evaluation. They will be excellent in helping your daughter, and you, the family, cope with the last days of your daughter's life.

If your daughter dies at home, you need to call the police and tell them that your daughter has died from Alzheimer's. Most likely the coroner will come out and investigate because her death occurred at home and her death needs to be ruled out as a suicide or as foul play. An autopsy will most likely be done.

Get a hospice consultation ASAP as they can help you get through this stressful and sad experience. God Bless.
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One of the advantages of hospice is that they can take care of all of that. Without the proper documentation that her death is expected you could be put through the stress of a police investigation, perhaps even an autopsy to rule out foul play, not something you should have to deal with at such a stressful time.
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