We have a caregiver/sitter from an agency, an its not cheap! $19.50 an hr. For 4 hrs 5 days a wk. She has worked in my parent's home since Nov. 2018. My parent's also have a Home Health Agency and their nurse has been coming 3x a day for diabetic shots since they moved to their apartment (July 2018). Well I have discovered some probable HIPPA violations.

First, let me say my Father is not well and has taken a turn for worse 10 days ago. Hospice is coming Thurs for face to face and Daddy will be moved to a Group Home. He is now bed ridden. We all are very upset. Tired. Stressed. Especially me. I'm having to take care of everything as Sister lives in another city and works full time.

Now back to HIPPA. Dad has been with this H.H. agency for 7 yrs. And had different nurses throughout. Especially when they have moved. Well they moved AGAIN (I had to move them) July 2018 to a handicapped nice apartment. So new H.H. nurse, same agency. This "Nurse" has been slobby, leaving syringes (used) laying out. Insulin bottle left out (we refrigerate), lancet tops on floor that roll and I stepped on 1 and foot rolled, (so made plastic container and labeled it for testing trash), dropped a brand new vial of Lantus ($300). Then the Agency was going thru portable ipad issues so this nurse used a spiral notebook to keep patient names, sugars, b/Ps, etc listed on pages and repeatedly, many times left it laying on my parents table! And I found a sheet with patient names, bloodsugars, etc laying in the rocks outside parents apartment. One Sat morning, weekend Nurse saw spiral that weekday nurse had left forgotten on table and asked about it. Dont know if that nurse turned in forgetful nurse. So this " Nurse" has begun to not like me for the plastic container issue and telling director of Home Health agency about the dropped Insulin and we wanted it replaced cause my parents are not rich.

So she has some vendetta against me but secretly I suspect. So several times since Jan of '19', my Mother and I have heard caregiver and "Nurse" talking about an old lady they share as a pt. Agency sees the old lady as pt and Caregiver agency goes as caregiver to old lady. Last 3 months, every time nurse comes 2 give Dad shots they gossip. Now, caregiver is suppose 2 be WORKING NOT YAKKING in my opinion.

Then turns out I get reported to APS in end of July! I'm MPOA, DPOA for both parents since 2013. I've been caregiver. Neither drive. I DO EVERYTHING. And try to keep them well and out of Hospital or NH's. I've screamed at nurses and hospitals and Dr's over mistreatment of both parents many times. I've sacrificed repeatedly for them. I have my own fam at home and 2 teen sons(now teens. Back then they weren't, so I missed a lot due to something wrong with parents) and husband and wife duties.

So "Nurse" called APS. She admitted to my Mom. My Mom was furious. " Why!?!!" Because your daughter was threatening NH and forced a Lidocaine patch on your husband. I have to report or I' ll lose my job." So it caused a BIG prob and my sister had 2 come here on a Fri for meeting with APS investigator. Investigator realized none was true. She said call sounded personal like a vendetta. Emotional abuse, stealing their money (what a laugh!) & medical negligence! She dropped it. So I find today that caregiver and Nurse talk on phone also. Then some info caregiver knew from 1 day ago (with nurse not there 2 hear us say it) made it to Nurse cause she asked at noon today (waited till I left) "I hear going to hospice." And "I heard he was going to a group home." We never told Nurse nor wanted her to know. None of her business. We didn't trust her since APS incident and agency doesn't uphold family request for diff nurse. But caregiver knew cause heard Mom and I saying it when Nurse not there previous day. Then this morning, day after caregiver heard stuff, I drive up adn the 2 are standing outside apartment yakking and caregiver is supposed to be emptying trash. She turned to go on to dumpster at sight of me. So I think caregiver is on APS thing too. Cause I write instructions 4 her and she dont like it.

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I am sorry that you are going through this during this difficult time of losing your dad.

I would make notes with date, time and incident then I would call the Health department or Counsel on Aging and ask who takes these kinds of reports. Leaving dirty needles out and ruining 300.00 worth of medication is reprehensible in a so called professional. Leaving a notebook full of protected information is a huge issue. I would put together a written complaint about the nurse and her behavior and her behavior with the CNA, ie hanging out in the parking lot while they are being paid to work.

HIPAA, they are both hearing information from you or your parents, that makes it questionable if they actually violated any law, however, if you heard them discussing another client's protected information and they knew you were present then I would say that is definitely a violation.

Keep good records so that you can file complaints that have teeth. I would also document that you have requested a different nurse and yet you are still getting the same one that has been so unprofessional.

If the CNA is from an agency, I would tell them in writing that you require a new CNA and list the reasons that you will not let this one in the house. You are the boss, whether they like it or not. The sad part is that this worker is probably being paid an hourly wage that is minimum wage and the disparity between what you pay and what she earns is great, meaning she doesn't feel obligated to work like she is making 20 an hour, even though that's what you pay.

Please keep good records and file the complaints when you are able to handle the added stress. It won't help you, but you will feel better knowing that you helped another family not face the same problems.

I would send letters that you have requested a different nurse multiple times and you are being ignored and you are demanding a professional nurse to replace this person, be sure and list the reasons why. Simple, factual and unemotional will make the biggest impact.

Great big warm hug! May God give you strength and wisdom during this difficult time. May He grant your daddy a peaceful passing and give you and your family grieving mercies.
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Time for different help. And reporting this mess as high up in the agency you’ve been using as you can find. Totally unprofessional
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Isthisrealyreal Sep 2019
And the agencies that license and govern these places.
These people work for you. They are not guests in your home or family members and should not be treated as such. If you are unhappy with their care or lack of it, report them to their agency and ask for someone else to be sent out. I did when we were sent an awful, abrasive nurse once. We were sent another one that was much better. You can also find another agency entirely.
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