I give him protein powder supplement in a drink... but this behavior of chewing back his food & leaving it on the side is weird... dementia?

My mother used to hold some of the food in her mouth. She had a swallow evaluation done in radiology and diagnosis was delayed swallowing, met with a nutritionist and a speech therapist later that week. She is on pureed foods with honey consistency thickened liquids. She is doing very well and enjoying most pureed foods. I would speak to his primary care physician.
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A tooth or a swallow problem is the likeliest cause if the food is tender and easy to swallow. A swallow deficit is a serious problem for the aging. Ask the doctor to order a swallow evaluation. This is often done in the OT department.
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Is he able to easily drink the protein drinks?

When he chews his food, has he chewed it to the point he could swallow it, or is it too chunky to safely swallow?

How are his teeth?

Is he doing this with all foods? What about inherently soft foods like mash potatoes or rice?

My dad has had the gross habit my entire life of putting too much meat in his mouth, more than he can safely chew, and putting the masticated hunk of meat on his plate. It turns my stomach. Now he has few teeth and cannot eat roasted meats, steaks etc, so he does it with veggies that he cannot chew with his remaining teeth, things like Swiss Chard, beet greens etc.

For your dad you may want to have a swallow test done. Additionally look at the foods you are serving him and how to make them easier to eat. My dad loves canned meat, it is always soft. He also likes frozen Brussels Sprouts as they are mushy, he could not eat roasted ones or anything that needs to be chewed before swallowing.
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