I am a "standby care provider" my parents are still able to care for themselves, for now.

I live with my parents in their home.

I help clean and care for the house, fix meals.

I own a business from home.

I am helping my mom after her fall 3 weeks ago, that caused pain in her back and she is limited to how much she can do.

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My parents each work part-time. I own a daycare, if I move the daycare. It will take me a year to reopen.
My dad has mood swings on and off,..... (He lost many of his siblings to altzimers, we fear he has it) he has on/off headaches from senus infections. He don't sleep well at night. He becomes upset over things he no longer able to do ( arthritis and start of loss of flexibility) he complains about growing old (73) He would becomes upset with my mom; lack of organization of important papers and bills, ect.
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Need more info. Why is Dad angry?

Looks like parents are still independent. Is your business profitable enough for u to live on ur own? If so, maybe its time to leave once Mom is up and around. Dad can take care of her. They can take care of each other.
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