They have no money except Social security. The house is the only asset they have. She can’t stay without his SS. I’m worried the nursing home might try to take his SS check leaving her with no money

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tou have to spend all assets down to 2000 before Medicare will pay for nursing home .

we are on year three and still spending assets ....

talk to finance director at the home they will explain it
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Medicaid allows for a Community spouse. Assets are split with Dads portion being spentdown and then Medicaid applied for. Not sure how SS and pensions are split but like Worried said Mom will be able to pay her bills, stay in her home and have a car. You may want to consult with a lawyer well versed in Medicaid if ur parents have assets other than SS and/or pension.
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Your mother will not be left impoverished. If social security is their only income then your dad will have to go on Medicaid in order to afford a nursing home. No one can here tell you if they will take some or all of your dads social security, but we can tell you that your mother will NOT be left impoverished and by that, I mean, she will be allowed to keep enough money so that she can stay at home & pay her bills.
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Ginna011 Sep 25, 2020
What state u live in !

all-assets have to be Spent first. House annuities stock cds

medicaid doesn’t give a free ride IF U have MONEY

nursing home will have u declare all assets
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