My dad is refusing the golite drink for his colonoscopy. Any advice?

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Ask his GI for something that does not require drinking a gallon of water. That stuff is hard for anyone to drink and I can see why dad is giving you grief. However, no matter WHAT he takes, he needs to drink a LOT to make the cleanse effective, even if it is just water after a strong laxative.

I used a saline laxative that was about 12 oz. I just got it really cold and mixed it with a little Sprite and forced myself to get it down. A lot easier to drink 12 oz than the, what, 64 oz of salty, nasty liquid.

If dad is with it enough--explain to him that if he does not do a "proper" colon cleanse, the GI cannot do a good job with the colonoscopy and he will have to start over. My SIL is a GI doc and he gets so frustrated with people who swear they followed the instructions perfectly--yet bowels don't lie----it's a waste of time, energy and resources to not do it right.
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Is he in a nursing home? The prep for a colonoscopy is VERY challenging. Are you prepared to sign for steps post testing should there be a diagnosis?
How old is Dad and what are his other challenges?
Janisrene, now a days instead of having a colonoscopy [unless there is a family history of colon cancer] there is a DNA kit that can be used. I think it is called Colon-guard. Much easier to use. And if the DNA comes back with issues, then the doctor would order a regular colonoscopy.

I wasn't a big water drinker, so the liquid prep was hard to swallow. I was allowed to mix the prep with GatorAid which helped a tiny bit, but I haven't been able to drink GatorAid as a regular drink ever since then :P

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