We finally got a listing of group homes, state regulated. No more facilities....this will be his 5th move. The State is worthless in investigating. Don't ask me to contact A Place For Mom either.

The so-called Memory care is trying to say he needs a higher level of care.

Correct me if I'm wrong, a memory care/dementia is the higher LOC. He is not ready for a nursing home/SNF. We have already discussed with his specialists.

Can anyone answer my questions? I've even called some attorney's...guess cause there's not a death, they're not interested...not a money maker for them. 1. never replied, 2. they didn't have time, full load.

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Not certified for the LOC you want? I don't know about that. They have to have some level of certification, under law, but I am unsure. A place that simply provides a bedroom and meals and no PT or OT would probably be differently "licensed" than a place that does MC.

And no, lawyers don't like to take 'pro bono' stuff. My own son is an atty and will barely give me time of day if I ask him a legal question.

I'd google this--I have found a lot of answers that way, doing my own research.
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