He has Tricare and Medicare. It's very difficult for me to lift him from a chair to a standing position. How can I get assistance with obtaining this chair? He has slipped several times and we have to call rescue to get him up.

No Medicare does not cover incontinent supplies. You will have to check Tricare.

I agree that Costco's, Sams and BJs (where I live) have the cheapist. I found the Huggies Baby wipes good for cleanups. Bigger and thicker than the Cottonell type. I use to go to Walgreens and buy their Serenity brand. They run a buy one get the second 50% off. In their monthly savings booklet they give $5 off every so often.

Would one of your parents meet the Hospice criteria? They don't have to have a terminal 6 month diagnosis anymore. Besides getting an aide for bathing, Medicare will pay for incontinent supplies.
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You can check Sam's club or Costco for a reasonably priced chair if Medicare or the VA will not pay. Also check for a used one in good shape online.

Sometimes, even if they pay you have a long wait and it may be a reimbursement situation, so keep your receipt if you buy one 1st.

I have also found members mark adult briefs to be a great product at a reasonable price. We tried everything before we settled on this brand, my dad said they were the most comfortable and from my research they had all of the latest greatest technology for incontinence care., no plastic in the leg holes to rub him raw.

I know it doesn't answer your question but I am just giving you options until the other gets figured out.
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Your best bet would be to first get a prescription for it from his doctor. Medicare usually won’t pay for a life chair. Medicare part B or C may pay for the lift mechanism. You’d have to contact the VA to see if they will provide any assistance for this. I’ve heard conflicting things on this.
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Isthisrealyreal Feb 21, 2019
Yep, prescription will help get an answer from both if not payment.

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