My dad has Parkinson's, now he is on ventilation, his blood pressure is down, and doctor told us he has infection of pneumonia. What should we expect?

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Doctors are telling us to wait for 48 hours for the report. My mom and brother are at the hospital waiting for the report. So, wondering what to expect in this stage?

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What report?  Is his pneumonia being treated?  Hospice?
Wait to do what?

Have doctors mentioned hospice?

Aside from this episode, is your dad in the late stage of Parkinson's?
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Dear Lucky123,

I am sorry to hear about your dad's condition. I know its worrying but try not to jump ahead. Wait for the blood work and other tests to come back. See your dad and support him the best you can. The most important thing is to see your dad and offer any comfort you can.
Lucky, have you spoken directly to the doctors, or are you getting information though your mom, who must be quite distraught?
My brother is getting all the information about my dad Doctor confirmed the Parkinson disease 8 months ago.He went almost 4 times to hospital in this 8 month.And this is 5th visit he is in critical condition his blood pressure is down, he has been taken to ventilation, blood work shows everything is low and he has UTI infection and pneumonia too.He has been admitted in hospital from 3 days but doctors are not telling correctly what going on .
I would ask if he's being given antibiotics. Ask to continually check his blood. If he's having issues breathing, they can drain the fluid from his lungs. If he's non-responsible, ask them to pull back on the sedation and let him wake up. The sooner he's moving about the better chance of kicking the pneumonia. The ventilator itself can cause pneumonia. Do not let them push him to his death through forced sedation and blame it on pneumonia. If you do not get answers at this hospital consider transferring him to another hospital, or talk to the CEO. Ask for a second opinion .. always. Best of luck

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