My older sisters and their familes do not help. My mom had moved into town to raise my oldest sister Cindy's twins when Cindy passed away and was moving back in with my dad since the twins graduated from High School. We had made arrangements to get her moved and were in the process of packing and she had to go in for a valve replacement and things took a wrong turn and she didn't make it. Now I was taking mom and dad both to doctor apps etc and I was their POA for medical and helped them with day to day things . Then one day my older sister Gaylene took mom to the hospital and got mom to change her POA with out me knowing. My sister Gaylene is very manipulative and got mom to do a will and gave it to my brother in-law Fritz who is married to my other sister Kimberly who had an aneurysm to hold on to. Unknown to me I was left out of the will and dad was to only get what was at his house. The day mom went into the hospital and things took a turn for the worse Fritz and Gaylene were in the parking lot going over all the papers again not sure why and then brought them up to moms hospital room and only read a few of the papers not showing me or my dad but saying that mom had made her (Gaylene), Kimberly and her husband Fritz executor of the estate at her house in town. When we got back from the hospital a few days later dad had wanted to go over to mom's place so we could see what still all needed to be packed and moved. Me and my Boyfriend David of 30 + years took him over there and they were clearing the place out and called the police and when the police came Fritz pulled out the papers and told the officer they were mom's executors of the estate. I told the officer that mom was in the process of moving back home when she passed and Gaylene goes mom's dead now so its up to her, Fritz and Kim who can't really understand what is going on. Which upset my dad so much I had to help him back to the car. So then they end up bring over all the things mom had said she wanted to take to the dump and telling dad he could have that. I don't know what to do at this point about mom's will and what happened but mom still has most of her stuff at dad's but Gaylene has mom's keys to dad's house and when he is in the back yard mind you he owns an acre. So most days that is where he is at just doing things in the back and they have been going into the house taking things. When mom had moved into town dad was out back came up to the house found Gaylene taking his 2 safes from the house dad had told her to put them back but she left with them. Dad had called me a few days later when she brought them back and told me what she had done and that she and her husband Don had went threw them and took things out of the safes now I know what was all in the safes dad and mom both went threw them with me since I was the one helping them all the time. I had told him he should have called the police on her and tell them she stoled his safes but he didn't. I will be changing the locks on his house so they can not come in whenever they want. I don't know what is all missing now dad had said Gaylene was in the house again and was in his bedroom going threw mom's jewelery box. I haven't looked yet which I will be going to dads tomorrow so we can see if she took anything. Right now I am dealing with dad's house insurance for the hail damage that he got and getting things fixed for him. I go over everything with him if a check needs to be written I show him the paper with the amount on it and go over what it is for and write out the check he looks it over then signs the check. I know dad does not want to leave the house which I am all for since my niece Taylor who is going to college to be a RN and is working at an elderly home taking care of residents that have dementia and she will be living in the apartment up stairs in my dads house. She will be helping me take care of my dad along with helping take care of the homestead with me (mowing , other chores around the house and grocery shopping along with his medication). So what sort of papers do I need to go over with him so he is protected from them and will stop them from trying to get dad to sign anything? Gaylene had already once got dad to sign her name onto his banking account when I was on vaction for a few days and dad told me when I got back money was missing out of his account so I took him to the bank to find out what was going on and found out Gaylene had got dad to put her name on his account when I explained this to him he was very upset and I had the bank take her name off and told them no one is to be on his account unless I myself is with him when he gives his permission. I am scared they will try to get him to sign a will or other papers putting them in charge. If I get him to do a will how can I get it so they can't get him to redo it? How can I make it so the will I go with him to do be the one and only true will. Cause I don't want them to do what they did with my mom. They have never been around to help only when they want something.

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