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I am not a professional, but am in a similar situation. What I did call care link in his state. So whatever state you are in find the elder care resources that will direct you. My dad was a veteran and never applied or utilized any of the service benefits. He missed out big time, but he still has benefits for today. There are volunteer programs in your area, you will have to do some research or find some org like care link to guide you.

When I was at my parents house this last time, I saw many things out of place. My mom uses a walker and there were tables and chairs in the way, her closet was difficult to get into, the cupboards we difficult to reach items used everyday. My mother was reaching up to the microwave to get hot water. They were eating hot dogs, cake and chips. I helped them change their food program. When I got home they called me and sounded like 30 year olds again.

I don't know your situation, but there are many orgs and volunteer programs, that can help. I also, had them tap into people around them since they are over 55. I think community is very important part of the process to helping your parent. Be positive and if you have siblings there and they need waking up, take charge. Best to you. You are amazing daughter for caring.

Get an in home evaluation if they have Medicare
Contact care link
Other volunteer programs
Her doctor
Become power of attorney
Check the will is done
If va benefits contact va
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