He still walks but has had over 30 falls in the past few months. This last fall made him very weak but he still tries to get up which causes the falls. He needs a caregiver with him during the day but can’t afford to pay a private caregiver/companion. Does anyone know of any VA or government programs that might provide this. His facility has caregivers but not one to one. I’m at a loss - thank you

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Following Techie's comments, I recall that the VA told me it has a "friendly visitor" program, something like that.   One of the visitors had a dog. I asked to have that person, or another visit, but for reasons I've forgotten (distance, I think), she was unable to participate.

Senior Centers might be another source.    Or religious organizations. 

When my father was in one of his last hospitalizations, the staff didn't want him to be alone and arranged for someone to stay with him when I wasn't there.   I assume it was an employee, but hospitals also use volunteers.    You might call a hospital close to his VA facility and ask if they could make any referrals to such volunteers.

And ask the memory care facility the same question; they may know of volunteers.
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Have you tried contacting a veteran's organization in your area and asking if someone could visit or sit with your father? My uncle, a retired vet, spends one morning a week visiting a VA hospital ward. I'm not sure if the VA is organizing this or some other group.
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Call his VA Social Worker and post this question to her/him.  I've found that to be a good source of learning more about the VA, and quicker than online searching.

The VA sends e-mail updates on its services; it's a good way to learn how its support is changing and what's offered.  

Sign up at:

Refine your preferences at:

Ask questions (such as the one you post in this thread) at:

And learn what else may be offered at:

787-641-4591 is also an option as it's a family support helpline.

Good luck; I hope the VA has some services available to help your husband.
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