My 82 yr old mom claimed my daughter on her taxes even though my adult daughter works and would have filed on her own. How do I fix this? We are unsure why she claimed her but we think she may have thought she was me from long ago or something.

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Thank you all for your super fast response! I already have POA for my mom.
So I will try to file an amended return... WITH her this time so that we are on the same page.
Thank you for the info!
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I just read your profile. Has your mother been to the doctor and consulted her/him about her confusion and memory problems?

Will she grant you power of attorney to file an ammended return?

Have you accompanied her to the banks involved in the fraud?
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AMessWithoutMom Apr 2020
I don't know what she has going on with her doctor other than her overall medical conditions as they come up. She only acknowledges her confusion sometimes. As well, it shows sometimes and not at others so at first interaction she seems ok... Especially because she can be kinda grouchy and touchy at times so people just let her do whatever.
But I realize now that I need to keep up with her doctor whether or not she bothers to go with me there or not. She is hard to slow down and fiercely independent and I risk losing my head nosing in on her business but obviously things are not going to improve from here so... time to get nosey. Lol

I already have POA & the bank involved is Sears/Citibank so there is no physical location to go to. I/we sent them a letter stating that she does not give them permission to send the debt to outside collections. I read that that can help so I did that. But they are calling her daily telling her that they are getting an attorney, etc. It is also seriously effecting her credit score.
The police department I filed the 2 reports with did not pursue charges and they sent the complaints to the grand jury and they did nothing. The overlying issue protecting the culprit is that they are all saying that even though she was very ill and in surgery recovery at the time, the fact that she told "them" to get her card for her meds constitutes permission for him, the boyfriend of the granddaughter, to have used the credit card(s) over 100 more times for anything he wanted.
The problem is that my mom does not know which of them she actually gave the card to that day because of her impaired state but she sees my daughter and him as being one entity so when the bank and the police asked if she gave him permission she said "yes. But only the one time." Not realizing that it is not "the one time" part that matters. It is the "yes" to the permission part and had stated that without clarifying that it was not directly to HIM but that it was so that Danika, my daughter, ultimately and more specifically would be using it. She may have told him to get it from her purse to give to Danika to get the meds but she never intended for him to go to the store alone with it to get them.
But she just can't remember because she was so ill at the time.
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It's an error in good faith. No one should be in any trouble.

So, how will it go when you ask your mother for power of attorney..?
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Look on the IRS website
You will need to file an amended return.
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