My younger brother just passed away suddenly. Myself and our younger sister have signed the cremation paperwork, but he left behind 2 minor children and their mother has to sign on their behalf and won’t. We are desperate to put him to rest. There was no will, no personal property, and no money. I am personally paying for this. What can I do?

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WHY won't she sign?
That's the question.
Sounds silly but have you asked her?
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Is it because she wants a regular service? Then tell her she can pay for it. Not sure how GF can sign since she is not blood relative and his children are minors. You are the close relatives. Does she realize the longer u wait the funeral home can charge for keeping the body.

Had a friend who paid for her Moms BFS funeral. She wouldn't pay for the viewing though. When a relative of his called her complaining of no viewing, my GF told the relative she could pay for it. Never heard from the relative again.

Is she thinking that his family should pay for his funeral? Just tell her this is what you can do.
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What does their mother want done? Can she afford to have her wishes honored? Sounds like you have offered all you can. Is she just being spitefull?
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