He's losing a lot of weight. Help please.

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Is he getting a set of dentures?

This is really tough; it must be very hard on him. I guess a soft food diet would be best. There's a level called "mechanical soft", which is pureed food but still has little lumps of food. Pureed is even softer, with no little lumps of food - it's all smooth, just like baby food.

You'll need something like a mini food processor to puree the food. Meat can be pureed with added gravy. You probably would have to add something, either fluids or gravy, to puree other foods.

Is there some reason his teeth were removed? Did he have some form of mouth cancer?

I'm so sorry for your brother. If you want additional help, and support from others with cancer:

1. Contact your local Gilda's Club. Ours has activities for those in treatment as well as their families; there are activity sessions, pot-lucks, etc. And everyone there has some experience with cancer.

You might even be able to connect with someone who has a similar type of cancer, or is also dealing with weight loss or on a soft diet.

2. Check out CURE magazine online. It's an excellent source of technical and practice advice and research.
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