I didn't own a safe. My parents had three safes, one for me, one full of their jewelry and one full of gold coins and silver coins. They also had various collections. None of these items and many more were not listed in the Trust and now brother refuses to divide all into three siblings. In fact he says he doesn't have any of above-mentioned items. I feel this is a crime and I feel I should be able to file a police report for theft. It has been 8 months and he still refuses to admit he has all these items. Should I go to the police?

IF he is executor then that means that they are dead. You need to petition probate court.
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You and other sibling need a surprise visit and front him about it. You should have a stat declaration prepared for him to sign saying he does not have and has never had these items. If he refuses to sign it you know he is lying. You should also record the conversation perhaps you could a lawyer to write letter saying you are pursuing the matter. Do you have any proof. Eg photos of jewellery anything written
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It will be difficult for you to prove anything because those items weren't listed in the trust. You have no proof that they existed or were promised to and being kept for you.

I read back through your other posts and it sounds like you have an axe to grind with your brother. I urge you to consider that having your parents live with him was not Disneyland for your brother.

Life is too short to dwell on anger. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself.
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This more of a civil issue than a law enforcement issue.

while the trust may not specifically state that their are safes, there should be something in reference to your parents personal property. My MILs trust for example has language in it that stated her personal belongings are to be distributed amongst her 3 children. If your parents trust has similar language then you are kind of at your brothers mercy and you’d have to take him to court if he won’t give you your jewlery.
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What would the police do? You’d have to take your brother to court to settle this. Speak to the attorneys that are dealing with probate.
Or call the DA’s office in your county to find out what evidence they need to indict your brother for theft and provide it.
But why bother a police person? What could he possibly do?
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