My boyfriend was recently placed in a nursing home. We have a minor child, will all of his SS go to the nursing home?

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I wouldn't think so. I suggest you contact an attorney that specializes in Medicaid and social security.
If child is his legal dependent, his income can be diverted to provide support for his dependent. Probably needs to have some waiver paperwork done for this to happen. Not a diy but needs atty.

.? For you? Is he over 66 so he is able to draw traditional SS? If so, his dependent should be able to get a SS benefit as long as child is under 18 and enrolled in school. Not college but high school or lower. The benefit is roughly 1/2 of dads SS. $ does need to be totally spent by the time they finish HS so no real saving of the $. SSA will do follow up letters to find out about that & ask for school verification.
Thank you for answering. He's 57 and has been on disability since he was 47. Our child does receive ss from him. So I wasn't sure how that worked. I will take your advice on contacting a lawyer, thanks again!

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