She talks him into buying things for "his house because he needs them" such as a pressure cooker (he can't see so does not cook) has him buying memory foam pads for the chairs so she can sit more comfortably, told him he needs to buy her a better bed for her room because the one there causes her pain. She has guilted him inot many different things. Is there a law in California protecting him from this.....creature!? We suspect she may have taken stolen items to her daughters but can't prove that. I told them to take inventory of EVERYTHING with her present.

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A live-in caregiver does need a bed that's up to scratch. And a reasonably well-equipped kitchen.

Having said that, if your friend's father finds her oppressive, argumentative, overbearing or just generally disagreeable... "Not happy here? Oh dear. Byyyyeeeeee..!"
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Does the caregiver do the cooking and use the pressure cooker? My personal kitchen appliance of choice is a multifunctional breadmaker. Is it a but it makes my life easier. So if the caregiver uses it, its worth it. As for a mattress, I guess because I had back surgery in the past, I always make sure I have a proper mattress or I would be stiff. If the caregiver has to do transfers, I think it would be a important to make sure she has a comfortable place to sleep. Caregiving is hard work and most people are underpaid so I think it is important to do what you can to make their lives easy. The requests do not seem too outrageous to me but that is my opinion.
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I would suggest a different care giver!
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