She has dementia and is getting to the point where she may have to move to a memory care facility. She is very difficult. I can't travel to N. Y. due to compromised immune system. How can I move her, when I know she will resist any attempt by a stranger to move her?

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I just moved my mom with progressive dementia from Buffalo, NY to Illinois to be closer to me in a memory care facility. I am her POA. It is much more comforting for a person with dementia to be with loved ones during this transition but realistically, your aunt may not even remember whether you were there to move her or not. Depending on the facility you choose, they may also have options for you. Several that I spoke to have nurses who fly out to bring new residents back. This can obviously be tricky but just make sure you explore all options if you cannot travel to NY or recruit family/friends to help. If you can get her to you in one piece, worry about her things later. My two cents. Good luck! xo
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I don't know how severe the dementia is, but you may require guardianship to do such a move if your Aunt objects. I cannot imagine someone forceably removing her from where she is, and cannot imagine finding a place where you are for "someone difficult" in Covid-19 times. I hope that someone at her facility can help you with some guidance, or you can find a way if this is what you wish to do.
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I guess the answer may lie in what her financial resources are. There is such a service as a Geriatric Consultant (or Advisor) who can handle this for you, if they aren't already overrun with work. These are private, for-hire experienced professionals who do what you are seeking. My friend used one to transition her mom from the hospital into a care facility in FL (and my friend was in MN) and had a great experience. I don't know the cost and probably not covered by any insurance but should be paid from your Aunt's funds.

Other than that, do you have any willing family in NY (which you could also compensate) to get things settled at your Aunt's end? The problem is if your Aunt puts up a fuss or calls the police and her PoA isn't present with paperwork in hand -- all the effort may be for naught and you'll both be back at square one. I hope you have success in finding a solution!
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