My aunt is now in a difficult situation because of another nephew couple have abused her financially. How can she deal with this?


She had back pain surgery when they prepared the power of attorney without explanation of what it was. They controlled her money and even bought a car with her no positive yes. She became an old lady with advanced dementia and I helped her get another test, diagnosed as normal. While she was in an assisted living facility, they got rid of her all belongings and rented her home out and did not give her any money even though the tenant moved out after the one-year lease. She is depressed and upset. She wants to restore the financial status. She wants to know how to deal with this and whether they are criminal perpetrators subject to going to jail.

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I would consult with an elder law attorney ASAP, you and your aunt go together. It sounds like there probably was undue influence on their part that would make the POA document void. Either way, the attorney could talk to the parties involved, obtain financial records, and help get to the bottom of what's going on and see what recourse she has.
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Js, you can also call Adult Protective Services. She has been exploited. She's been robbed. Yes, the nephew is subject to criminal charges. The authorities will want to see documentation for every dollar, of hers, spent. Go for it, call.

Let us know how it's going. By your continued updates, you might just help another vulnerable senior avoid being taken advantage of.
Good luck.
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JS, it is a very good thing that your aunt has confided in you. With luck and persistence, you will be able to get everything straight and restore her peace of mind.

The thing is. Do I gather that you are getting all of your information from your aunt? And when you say you helped her 'get another test', what test exactly and carried out by whom?

Where is your aunt living now? What is her official legal status now, is she considered competent or not? Is the POA still in place or not? And are you yourself in touch with the other nephew?
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