She has house and land. House is not liveable...suggestions on if I should sell land to help with her expenses? Apply for Medicaid...which I don't think she would qualify for? Suggestions please.

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if you are taking care of her and she is paying you for that, you may want to put a caregiver agreement in writing. and keep receipts for any money you spend on her behalf. I agree a elder law attorney to help with the financial planning.
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The property need to be sold at Market Value if sold within the five year look back. All money needs to go for Aunts care.
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Medicaid requirements vary from state to state, but I do know that she’s over the limit for a single person. Medicaid does a five year look-back, so don’t try giving her money away. It will be considered gifting and the person will have to pay it back. You have POA? You can sell the house/land and use the money until it’s almost gone. Figure out how long it will take and then find an elder law attorney to help you navigate the application for Medicaid process.
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