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My mom was also blind and wheelchair dependent and it's very hard to improve their quality of life at that point. Logically, how "can" she participate... she can't get there unless someone takes her, and once she is there she would need staff or volunteers available to make accommodations for her vision loss (good luck with that), the only activity I can think of that might be worthwhile would be musical programs.
As for making friends there - in my experience there are two types of people in the world, those who seem to easily make connections with practically everyone they meet and those who just.. don't. And although I've read a lot of comments here on AgingCare about friendships in long term care facilities in my personal experience they are very rare, polite social interaction was the norm.
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Nursing homes usually have volunteers that come in. These volunteers are assigned to patients like your aunt. Nursing homes are by law, supposed to provide encouragement to residents to participate. Speak to her social worker there and find out if they have help in this area. But remember, your aunt has rights, not to participate in activities. Maybe you know someone that can go be with her a couple times a week. A strange face sometimes helps them want to do things with their visitor.
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Razzmatazz, it seems to be very common for an older person to complain about living in Assisted Living or in a nursing home.

I believe they want to go back to the life that they once had where they can get out and go places on their own. Aging is hard. Very difficult for the person.

Have you visited your aunt without her knowing that you are coming? I remember one writer here saying she did that with her Mom, who had also complain that she is lonely. Much to the adult child's surprise, Mom was having a grand old time at the activity, laughing with the other residents, etc.
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Liz1963 Apr 2019
You are right. Elderly people actually go backwards in age, in their mind. They become child like in their behaviors. Like a child of 4, they want all the attention. They will manipulate and make you feel guilty. This is very common. Yet behind your back, they're having a great time. I've walked in on my mom and she was playing bingo. And I thought she was miserable.
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