My aging in-laws own their land but not their home. They have Medicare and are applying for Medicaid. Will they lose their property?



C - what type of Medicaid they are applying for and whether it’s for both of them will make a difference as to what happens both with their assets and income. LTC in a NH Medicaid eligibility has pretty tight “at need” financial requirements when it comes to assets.... some assets are exempt and some not. Community based Medicaid programs have lots less restrictions. 

So ? for you?...... just what are you thinking is what their near future needs to be.... both move into a NH?
OR just dad into a NH but mom is ok to live at home?? If it’s this, do they have over $120k in savings or investments?
AND the “land”, is it a parcel of undeveloped raw land that they own & if so what’s its value? And is it a sought after piece of raw land or crappy land with little value?
OR is it / was it income producing (like has a rental house on it, or is/was a farm or ranch) 
OR is it land that they live on and has a still-with-a-note mobile home or a home with a mortgage on it? If it’s this, how much longer till paid off, and are they kinda ok on paying note and their other living expenses? 

To me, the answers will make a difference as to how to approach Medicaid. 
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How old are the inlaws? Estate revovery is based on age.
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I'm guessing they have payments on a trailer on land they own. Is the home leased or mortgaged?

They won't lose the property if they live in it and keep paying. Once the last one passes, then there is some kind of payback that comes from the sale of the property. But you would think that your parents saved for their entire lives to pay for their retirement. So that means that really is what the land is for, to pay for their medical expenses. The choice is whether to sell the land in advance of the need and for them to be required to move, or to use Medicaid's guarantee of some level of care and have the land sold after they pass.
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