As Geaton mentioned, we need additional information in order to offer any advice.

My first question would be "WHY" is your daughter your father's primary caregiver and why would she feel the need to prevent him from seeing you?

Without additional information, the best advice I can offer as to "What can I do to go see him?" is to be patient, and work with your daughter. Find out what the issue is and address her concerns. Don't work against your daughter.
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Can't answer a question when you provide no info.

Why would your daughter say is the reason she is blocking you? If you don't answer this very basic question, we can't help you. THere are always 2 sides to every story and we need to hear both of them from you.

Is your daughter your Dad's PoA?

Where is your Dad living?

What state is he in?
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Grandma1954 Jul 11, 2024
3 sides to a story.
Daughter's, Mom's and in between is the Truth
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