He doesn't find the lounge chairs comfortable as the recliner inside. It is also difficult for him to get up and down to the chairs. Does anyone know of any company or solution in finding comfortable outside seating for the elderly?

Thank you to everyone who answers! There are no stairs and he walks without a cane. It is only 5 steps away from where his recliner that he sits in all day is. He will not use a cane let alone a wheelchair ( I tried to get him to use one at airport but no way). I guess that I could just let him sit inside in the recliner all day but fresh air and sunshine would improve his quality of life I thought.
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Leave him alone, that's my suggestion. If it's difficult for him to get up and down, buying him the most comfortable outdoor chairs on earth isn't going to fix that little issue. At 96, he's earned the right to sit wherever he'd like. Open the window next to his favorite recliner and call it a day. We like to think we know what's best for our folks, but that's not always the case.

Good luck!
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When I hear "lounge chair" I think of the long ones we used to suntan on. I have trouble getting into those these days! They make ones like chairs,, higher and shorter. like a regular chair. Or the canvas ones you take to sporting events. Or maybe the Adirondack style? I love those! You sort of recline a bit back and relax! My mom is always cold, but take her outside and she is too hot.. go figure.
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Tothill Jun 1, 2020
I find it challenging to get out of an Andirodack chair, especially if I have had a glass of wine or two.

I think OP is expecting more from Dad than he can deliver. He is 96, stairs are difficult, the furniture is uncomfortable and the bathroom is further away. If the patio did not involve stairs I would make suggestions for chairs, but as stairs are involved, leave him be.

There are 2 steps from the house to the deck. Dad, 91, loves being on the deck, it is oceanfront. But he can not manage the 2 steps any longer. He watches the view from inside when he is here.
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Have you tried a wheelchair that reclines a bit? It would be more comfortable than some outdoor furniture.
Even try bringing his recliner closer to a window and opening the window so he could get some sun that way.
And 10 minutes a day should be enough as far as sunlight/Vitamin D
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