She has lived with my sister for over a year and is reasonably good health, although memory lapses are more frequent now.

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Also...if Mom ends up needing to go on Medicaid in the next two years...all that money will have to be given back to mom to paid for her NH care herself.

The transfer of the house (regardless if sold or not) within the 5 years look back would prevent Mom from qualifying.....
talk to an elder care specialist. But, be prepared to pay that money for moms care.
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Igloo, you are so invaluable on the forum. What igloo makes clear is that this is anything but cut and dried. You need good advice like an igloo in your pocket. Go to a lawyer knowledgable about real estate law, and perhaps one up on elder law, because how this is handled could be crucial in future.
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If title was recorded & filed at the courthouse & is in Sis’s name, so then it’s on Sis to sell the house as she is the recorded owner. & it’s sissys $ from the house sale. Look at the last tax assessor statements or tax collectors bill to see exactly how it reads for “ owner” as that is who owns it and can sell it and gets proceeds from the Act of Sale.

So Was property transfer to Sissy 3 years ago done at zero value?
So mom actually gifted the house to Sissy?
Did Sissy pay your mom FMV (fair market value) for house?

I’m guessing no $$$ changed hands, & it was done via a QCD (quit claim deed not a Warranty Deed) & this is why mom is expecting $ now when the place sells. Is this the situation?

If so, This is a very very important factoid to know as it will affect your mom’s future ability to be eligible for Medicaid should she not have the $ to private pay for care thru 2024 due to 5 yr financial look back. To figure out how to get thru this mess, is, imo, gonna need a lot of old tax assessor paperwork review & probably title company work as a QCD is crap for guarantee of clear, clean title and attorney review. Whatever the case, please please have the property sold via a Realtor and with a MLS listing. No sale to another family member or friend. Has to be true “arms length sale”.

Again, Sissy - if recorded owner - has to want to actually give all $ to mom; if she’s owner she doesn’t have to......
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