due to a survivor's pension or $192/mo. However, she cannot afford to pay home expenses and home care or assisted living costs with her income. What can we do? Could we drop the pension so she would qualify for medicaid? If so, can it be used for home care or only for assisted living. Are there other options? We have spent hours trying to find answers. Thank you for your help..

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That sounds so lame have you been to an elder lawyer -tell medicaide she needs lotion for her dry skin and polident for her dentures that will take care of the 30 dollers-have you applied for medicaide and been turned down -in my state medicaide can be used for home care. If you have an Office for the aging in your area ask if they have a elder lawyer who give his time free of charge to help out people -my lawyer gives one day a week at the office free of charge-get someone to help with the application -it takes a while to get it done and let them worry about the 30 dollars a month-good luck if she were to go into a nursing home the social worker would do most of the paperwork on the application-let us know how things go it is good to share information. My husband died before I got the paperwork done -and I did try to do it myself which was so stupid of me it drove me crazy.
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