She had a hip fracture in October but has healed well and is mobile. Just wants to sleep. She has not left the house except to visit doctors since November. Eats well. What’s up? Says she is not depressed. Cognitive decline since surgery.

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Wallis, remember your Mom is 92 years old, that's a lot of years, she is tired.

My folks made it into their 90's and they use to brag that they only needed 6 hours of sleep at night. Well, they forgot to count the many hours during the day that they were napping, major napping. It's all normal at that age.

Since your Mom had hip surgery, do you recall how many hours she was in surgery? It's my understand that for every hour one is under for surgery, it will take one month to clear the fog. If your Mom had 3 or 4 hours of surgery, thus 3 to 4 months to clear the fog. That those stats are for much younger folks, thus someone in their 90's, it could take months longer.

Did you Mom have any memory issues that were above and beyond the norm prior to surgery?
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