My father is on a lot of meds for CHF and Afib..not to mention kidney issues. He's beginning to show signs of dementia. One day after a nap, he came out of his room thanking me for the music I had been playing on the radio. He heard a man singing. After discussions and several times of this, he knows it's something only he hears....and he jokes about now. This Morning he was so relieved because he said it was so peaceful and quiet. He said he's worried that it might mean something bad is about to happen.
I tried turning it around by saying that it was the beginning of something beautiful and fresh.
What does this all mean?

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It could definitely be Musical Ear Syndrome which has nothing to do with 'psychosis' and everything to do with hearing loss/impairment. The treatment for such a thing is to improve the hearing, with aids or the like. If this has to do with dementia, instead, then check out this Google link on the subject:

I would make light of the situation with your dad, as you are doing. Dementia brings all sorts of new behaviors and issues with it, so hearing singing isn't such a bad thing at all. Hopefully, he's not TOO bothered by the whole situation.

Best of luck!
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NoTryDoYoda, I worried about that the first time, but most of the time he is coherent and quite intelligent (I understand one doesn't have anything to do with the other) Just wandering if this is abnormal?? Could it be medications? IDK.... Just wandering...prob need to ask doctor. Thank you for your comment
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Sounds like a psychotic break with reality to me. I would let his doctor know. My wife has had these happen to her in the past, but she does not have dementia.
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