This is very common. Both appetite and awake hours decrease markedly both with dementia and normal aging.
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This is new behavior as well as her spacing out when transferring from the bed to the wheelchair. She can barely take more than four steps , with assistance, before she just drops down. Her mouth looks different. Not drooping???
No control of bowels or bladder...getting worse each day.
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Cashew Mar 17, 2024
Have Hospice do an assessment
My aunt sleeps most of the day, too. We noticed it last year and thought the end was coming. She has dementia, too, but she's still going. I don't have an explanation except maybe age and dementia.
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I am guessing that your mother is probably nearing the end of her life since she's sleeping most of the day and that it's probably time to bring hospice on board if they're not already.
My late husband who had vascular dementia, as he neared the end of his life slept anywhere from 16-20 hours per day, and he was under hospice care for the last 22 months of his life.
Wishing you well as you take this final journey with your mother, and make sure you leave nothing left unsaid.
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She’s tired. I wouldn’t view this as abnormal behavior. At 91, I suspect that I will be napping a lot too!

Are you concerned about anything else?

Wishing you peace as you continue on your caregiving journey.
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Hi dMichele

Many folks at 91 sleep most of the day or at least often. Is this new behavior for her? Does she have a good appetite? On any new meds? Losing weight? Having difficulty walking? Bedfast? Sleeping is not all bad. Some naps are delicious.

Sleeping most of the time can be a sign of depression or it may hurt to move. My DH aunt, 97 with dementia, bedfast, has started going to the dining room for lunch now. She has a new aide who gets her up. This is new behavior for her. I think she sleeps most of the day otherwise. She’s on antidepressants and I think they help.

What concerns you about your mom sleeping?
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