My 89-year-old mother is out of savings. Where do I start looking for financial help?


My mother has Medicare but nothing else. I can't afford her medications and her social security does not cover her rent. Her medical bills are not being paid. I am a single mom and I need help. She keeps getting turned down because her social security is $75 more a month too much?? She has no other source of income no assets. She is in poverty. Where do I get her help? She needs more medical coverage, help with food and utilities. She is also disabled so I can't bring her back and forth to social security. Do they have people who will come to her to help set up benefits? Thank you for any suggestions.

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Find out about your states MEDICAID program and how to apply for it. You said she just has Medicare; does she have Medicare PART D coverage with that? If not, see if your state has a program that assists with paying for prescription drugs.
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What is she being turned down for?
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S.N.A.P for possible help with food costs.
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Ask the doctors office if they can supply your mom with the "samples" left by the drug representatives. We used to do that for our indigent patients.
Also, make sure the doctor is writing generic prescriptions instead of name brand.

Also, check WalMart. I've heard you can fill prescriptions for $4. each.

I believe there are programs through the drug companies that will give substantial discounts. (That would have to be their name brand.)

Have you checked senior apartments for lower income people?
Could you apply for disability benefits from the state for her since she obviously is imobile? That might increase her income.

Call Meals on Wheels. My dad was using them and it was on ability to pay.
Also, there are community food banks to get free food.

Can she apply through Medicaid as disabled? Have them factor in the cost of her meds and any supplies (diapers, Chux, etc.)

Do you have an Area on Aging in you area? Call them to see what can be done.

Get in touch with a social worker through the county. If you don't get anywhere, seek one out at a local hospital.

Does your mother know anyone she can share space in their home (not necessarily you)? That would cut down on her expenses.
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Call your Area Agency on Aging to see if they will come to your mom to evaluate her for services. MOW will deliver meals for little or no money if they are in your mom’s area. Call Medicare and ask about help with her medication.
Check this site out
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If she has medical bills, that should offset some of her income when applying for Medicaid. Maybe you need some help with the application? If your town has a senior center, they sometimes have social workers on site to help you evaluate various assistance programs. You can also check out the department of health and human services.
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