My 87 year old Mom is in assisted living and she is getting confused thinking she is stranded somewhere. She gets scared. What can we do?


We have familiar things in her room from her home. What is the best way to reassure her she is safe and that she lives there now. We visit her daily but she usually forgets anyone was there. It’s heartbreaking to know she gets scared.

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Thank you for the advice Freqflyer
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Connie, when my Dad moved into senior living, I made sure the rooms were set up similar to the rooms he had at home.

Example, Dad's highboy was always to the left of the bed, so was Dad's night table, thus if he woke up in the middle of the night [he had night lights] he could tell he was in his own bedroom. I also made sure Dad had all of his books, the books were like a cocoon for him.  One thing I didn't do was use Dad's old bedspread, instead I bought him a new one.  I read it is best to use the old bedspread as an elder is familiar with that item.

There does come a time with memory issues, where the person still feels out of place. See if your Mom's primary doctor can recommend a prescription med to help calm her down.
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