Does anyone else have this problem? She lives with us and is in relatively good health for her age. It's so difficult to spend any length of time conversing with her. She shows no interest at all in anything besides her opinions, health issues, how she sleeps, what she likes to eat etc.

Its not just me either, she will engage in this type of interaction with visitors or perfect strangers.

Any idea what is going on or how I can deal with this? She is very easily offended and becomes angry if she feels that I am being critical at all.

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Try telling her how rude she has just been to a visitor, how bad it made her look, and how embarrassed you were. She may be angry, but she still might think twice. You could go on to say that you know that 'old people like her' become self centred, but you don't mind because you understand (and love her, if you want). You're just a bit upset about the visitors.
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You mean there is someone on this planet besides my dad? Bet you'd never convince him.

It must an age or personality thing. I got so frustrated with my dad I said I could die and he wouldn't even notice except I would not be around to chauffeur him around. He actually asked me how I was doing the next time I saw him. But only that once.

Grin and bear it. Nothing will change them at this stage of life.

Hugs, I know it is frustrating.
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My mother was the same way. It was all about her. I just pasted a smile on my face and said “um-hmm” occasionally and went off on a personal, mental vacation. Don’t comment on what she says. I never did. Just nod and smile...8o)
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