Can someone please help me.

Your profile says that your mother has dementia and that she lives at home. I'd consult with her doctor about her condition, ask for diagnosis and prognosis. I'd inquire if hospice is appropriate. They can provide a lot of support, equipment and supplies. They can also provide medication to keep her comfortable. You could also see if she is a candidate for physical therapy. My LO's dementia caused her to not be able to participate in therapy, but, she was able to get around in her wheelchair quite well. A professional should be able to provide you some guidance, taking her condition into account.
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Helpful, we will need some more information from you to know what advice to give:
- where is she living?
- are you her durable PoA? if not, who is?
- does she speak English?
- has she been seen by a doctor for this problem?
- has she ever been diagnosed with dementia or is showing dementia-like symptoms?
- what do you consider to be "help"?
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