If he were to have another hospitalization event, he won't go. He will be hiding any pain as best he can. I'm concerned that he will die, stroke or other at home because he'll refuse to go. Any experiences to share about critical care resistance?

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Atul Gawande, in his thoughtful book "On Being Mortal" talks about these end of life choices. Did your husband make any advance directives before he became ill?
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There is no need for your husband to be in pain. Depending on its cause - does he suffer from angina specifically, for example? - there are numerous treatments available which will relieve painful symptoms.

You have an ethical puzzle to resolve in terms of his ability to give or withhold consent because of his Alzheimer's Disease. You'd better discuss this with his doctor and with him as far as he is able so that you have an agreed plan of action to follow. Otherwise you'll be left dealing with a crisis under terrible stress and that isn't fair on you.

Do you know if there was anything in particular about his latest hospital stay that upset him and made him feel that he would never want to go through such an experience again?
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