I was told by a concerned acquaintance today, that my father came into his store and randomly did push-ups and made a comment that he is, "three sheets to the wind."
I don't know what to think or say.
He's always been a bit goofy but not to that extreme. He has also displayed some strange behavior in the recent past. I have noticed an increase in his alcohol use, he's on a nerve pain medication ( Lyrica ) and takes Benadryl almost every day. Today, I didn't see him drink, he woke up, got on the computer, complained, got frustrated ( doesn't take much), and left.
I'm new to this and have very little help. Please help, I'm worried. Thank you.

***Not sure if 'care decisions' is the right topic. I need to know if I should be worried and what steps to take***

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Step 1, immediately discontinue Benadryl. As already mentioned, the active ingredient in Benadryl and almost all other antihistamine meds and sleep aides, has been linked to an increased risk of dementia and impaired cognitive functioning if taken over a long period of time. If your dad takes it almost every night, I assume he's been taking it for quite some time. And don't substitute another OTC drug, nearly all of them contain dyphenhydramine, an anticholinergic drug that affects the brain chemistry. This includes most OTC sleep aides, including Unisom which has a different active ingrediant.

Step 2, make an appt with your dad's PCP to have him evaluated. His dr can prescribe a better sleep aide that doesn't have the same down side. Document his behavior so you have some evidence to share with the doc. Also have him screened for dementia.
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I have to first say that I sure hope he's not driving himself to his store, if he's been drinking. That certainly is a scary thought in and of itself, isn't it? I know it's not good to mix alcohol with Benadryl, and I also know that anyone over the age of 60, should not be taking Benadryl at all, as it has been linked to causing dementia in the elder population. He needs to be seen by his Dr, and you need to let his Dr know ahead of time via the patient portal, exactly what's going on, so his Dr has a heads up before your father gets there. Best wishes.
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The first step, surely, is to ask your father about the incident that your acquaintance reported to you. You can make it as simple as "Dad, did you go into Acme Stores on Monday? Anything you want to tell me about that?"

You say that today he woke up, went to his computer, lost his temper with it (I feel for him), and left - left to go where? Do you and he live in the same house?

What's he taking the Lyrica for?
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3 sheets to the wind.... he was drunk.... sheets means sails.... sailing term...
Jib and main sail usually to go upwind, you trim the sails to get the optimum wind / speed... .. the Third sail is usually the spinnaker and that is for downwind fast sailing... so 3 sheets to the wind? you are using to many sails and don't know what you are doing.. You Are 3 Sheeets To The Wind.

perhaps it depends what kind of sailing vessel you are driving.... :)

does he live alone? Suggest to him he only takes benedryl when his head hits the pillow at night... It will make him sleep better and that's the only time he should take it....... 1 pink tab at night.

not sure what lyrica does, so, do call the pharmacist and talk with them, or go in and talk with them,, when the best time to take it, food, no food, day time,night time, alcholal,,, benedryl .... etc... call the pharmacist... any local one will and should be able to answer that quick question....
if need be,, go in person......
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Carebear82 - your father's behavior does seem odd. Maybe it's due to his drinking. Drunk people do strange things.

I would recommend you pay closer attention to his behavior for a period of time (say a couple of weeks), keep a record of anything unusual, as well as his drinking and med.

If then you still are concerned about him, then make an appointment for him to see his doctor and tell his doctors what strange things your dad has been doing.
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I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this situation.

I would certainly be concerned too. Mixing drugs and alcohol is never a good idea.

I would call his doctor and explain his behavior.

Do you have permission to speak to your father’s physician?

I would be grateful to the store employee for telling you this information.

Do you trust this employee to be credible? I can’t imagine why a person would lie about such a thing but nothing surprises me anymore!

Do you think that you should or shouldn’t confront your dad with this information from the store employee?

Tell us a bit more about your dad.
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