My 69 YO Dad met a 25 Yo at Walmart (According to him, could be lying)last January, and now they are a couple. My Dad has a history of trying to feed homeless and prostitutes in our area and has even invited them to his house to bathe. It wouldn’t be a bad thing except that he watches his grandkids on a regular basis. He also has a history of making really bad decisions when it comes to women( at least 20). He paid a woman from Brazil to be around Xmas 15 years ago which also coincided with the birth of my daughter (his first grandchild). She stole so much from him including the stupid shower curtains!!! There are others since then, but let’s concentrate on now. His newest girl is now 26 years old ( apparently they met when she was 25). With 3 children ages 2,3,and 4. My father doesn’t bathe, shave our cut his hair did to depression. He even wonders what she see’s in him. She has full control of one of his cars, and he has gotten her a cell phone account. He now carries his cell phone around which he never did before. Am I wrong for not wanting to meet yet another one of his bad decisions???

He wonders what she sees in him? Tell him to get the car keys back and turn off the cell phone he bought her. He'll find out in short order what she saw in him.
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NeedHelpWithMom Jan 28, 2020
What a great answer! You hit the nail on the head!
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Is he taking any anti-depression medicine?

Sounds like he needs to be evaluated by a gerontologist doctor. Tell him or her what is going on.

Do you or someone have medical POA for him?
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Are the grandchildren at his home while he is entertaining these women? What he does with his time is his business but the grandchildren shouldn’t be involved.

I can see how his behavior is concerning to you. I don’t think he will change his behavior at this point. I honestly don’t think I would allow him to be alone with the grandchildren as long as he entertains strangers.

I hope that your dad isn’t harmed by anyone.

I think it is wonderful that he has a loving heart but he needs to be careful. Allowing someone to use your car on a regular basis is foolish. What if she wrecks it? He is opening himself up to lawsuits.
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