Mum has congestive heart failure and an ulcer due to diabetics on bottom of foot she has had a triple bypass about 5 years ago. She now had an infection in foot doesnt walk we have to take her to toilet on a steady she is 89 years old has been in hospital numerous times and been on brink of death including with septis and pulled through doctors sorting out antibotics she is breathing fast a lot of times and is now coughing at night and sometimes during the day i am wondering is this fluid building up on her chest and does she have any hope of surviving the winter she talks at night and sometimes says odd things

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Hospice care will give her the greatest COMFORT for her last days, while the hospital will just stick her with needles!

Seriously, if she still has strength left to fight, take her to a doctor ASAP. Heart failure is very treatable. But keep in mind that the kindest thing might be to "let her go home to Jesus."
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If she is coughing and her lungs sound crackly, she needs to see an MD or get to the emergency room. Your other choice is a Hospice evaluation, they will tell you whether or not she is eligible for care.
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Have you considered an evaluation for hospice care?
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