Had a fit the same day. She eats about 4 spoonful of food a day. She also has a water infection at the moment that is sending her mad. Unlike the quiet woman she normally is. How long can this go on? Mum has also had dementia for the last 15 years.

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I think its time for LTC. Are u in the US or UK? If US shevwill be sent to rehab if in the hospital for more than 3 days. Once there she could be evaluated for LTC. In LTC she will probably have to use a wheelchair with a monitor. If ur in the UK, not sure how it would work.
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Josie, elders fall, that is their job now. It doesn't matter if they eat 3 meals a day and are hydrated, they will lose their balance.

My Dad was always tumbling, even just tying his shoes while sitting in his recliner, he would roll head first onto the floor. No injuries, just exhausted trying to get himself back up. Same thing when outside doing yard work, he would be up close and personal with the lawn and flower beds. Usually one of their neighbors walking by would spot him laying on the ground.

My Mom had two major falls that I knew about because Dad had called 911, then called me. Both times Mom fell in the kitchen hitting her head on the counter top. Both times she had a brain bleed. The second fall accelerated her very mild dementia into the final stage dementia, and she could no longer walk or stand. She was moved to long-term-care.

Even if your Mom was moved to a continuing care facility, she will still be falling. The Staff would try to get your Mom use to using a walker which is safer than using a cane. It all depends on if your Mom will accept the walker or not. The rolling walker really did help my Dad with having less falls. My Mom refused it.
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Be very careful, The same happened to my Mom. She just started falling. I took her to the emergency room because she it her head pretty hard on the tile floor. There were no signs or symptoms but she had pneumonia, At that point the doctor told me it was to dangerous to try to keep her at home. She acted just fine, no coughing, no signs that she might be sick. I was told that at that point it just gets worse and if you do not take action they can try to call elder abuse on you. I was devastated. I would never do anything to hurt my Mom. We did at that point place her in a Nice home, although we had a caregiver and I was at home every night and weekend with her. She was never left alone BUT if you find a very good one they are better equipped to take care of someone 24/7.
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Dear Eyerishlass

Thank you for your kind words . Have been to the hospital today and she is not so confused ,is having a 24 your heart monitor and now has chest pains. Wants to come home now but will see what the outcome from the test are . She has a DNR in place and they are checking for chronic kidney diesese.
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Dear Josie,

I could have written your post. I went through the exact same thing with my mom. I know how stressful it is. All I could do was keep picking her up off the floor as she grew weaker and weaker. During her last fall I insisted on calling 911 over her objections because I couldn't keep doing it anymore.

Like your mom, my mom drank 1 Ensure a day at 7:00 p.m. That's all she was taking in. I didn't live with her but I don't think she was drinking fluids either.

To answer your question: it can't go on. When my mom took her last fall and I called 911 she was admitted to the hospital because her electrolytes were a mess which was from laying in bed 23 hours a day and not drinking or eating anything other than an Ensure each evening. She never came out of the hospital.

I'm sorry.
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