I haven't posted here for a while, but my mom has been in a nursing home since December. She was admitted after falling at home and having compression fractures. She has mild dementia, which affects her short term memory and her ability to take medications properly. When we had her assessed for home care, they only were giving her 26 hours a week, which was not enough for her to go home. I had put her on the wait list for an Assisted Living Program (ALP), which Medicaid will pay for here in NY. They called last Monday and have a private room available. She will be moving in on October 2nd. I am excited for her and nervous at the same time.

Does anyone else have experience with this? I am really hoping she adjusts easier and faster than she did at the nursing home. It wasn't until the past two months (when they also got her medications corrected) that she has been at peace with it.

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