Earlier this month my mother went into a nursing home. Her check was paying our rent. I've been spinning it everyway and trying to get more jobs, but I don't think I can make it on my on my own. A roommate isn't an option and moving in with my brother I would like to keep my last option.

She'll have Medicaid soon. If I move her back in. Will Medicaid pay for a hospital bed, and home aides? If so, how much of their check will they garnish?

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If she’s already home, try looking into CDPAP program where you can get paid for taking care of mother. If you were her caregiver last 2 years, you can stay & live in house if she has one. Then it’s exempt from Medicaid ...if she stays in nursing home & you’re having trouble getting a job, advertise to rent a room w female roommate. That will help pay bills. You should also see Elder law Atty to help mother as her needs will increase & you’ll be overwhelmed. You can’t depend on mother’s income forever as you need to stand on your own 2 feet! However you can for the time being, get paid for taking care of mother. Keep in mind you’ll need a couple of backups to list w the home care agency you choose....I lost out on this because the private pay aide that has been taking care of my mother didn’t want to register with the agency so I had no backups’ll also need dr to fill out forms , get blood test & MMR shot....I couldn’t get mom’s Aide to go through all process that I completed & passed background order to get I advise you to have backups in place before you jump through all hoops yourself. ...hugs 🤗
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worriedinCali Feb 29, 2020
Did you even read the post? They are renting. The house isn’t theirs so the OP will have NO legal standing to stay in the house. It doesn’t belong to her mother so there is no exemption here. And Medicaid will not pay her to provide full time care for her mother. Her mother needs skilled care. OP is in a black hole already. Bringing her mother home even if she can get paid to provide a few hours of care per work will not get her out of the black hole, it will send her further in to it because she will not be making as much money as she would be working outside the home. She’s too young to throw away her life caring for her mother. Now is the time for her to stand on her own 2 feet. Otherwise she is just delaying the inevitable. She has a golden opportunity here and needs to take it.
You will have to make it on your own when she passes, why not set yourself up for success now, if you do not, you will be in a worse situation than you are today.

IMO your mother needs to stay where she is, and you need to get your life together. If you cannot get jobs in your profession, find another avenue to earn money to support yourself. There is always a way, you have become too dependent on your mothers funds.

Find yourself a room somewhere else, expand your job search, change your thinking, accept that you need to provide for yourself and plan accordingly.

Good Luck!
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As others have said, you need to leave Mom in the NH. Go to social services for help for yourself. Apply for rental assistance and any other benefits you need.
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Have you looked into section 8 housing? Why is a roommate not an option? Medicaid rules differ from state to state so please contact your Dept of Health and Human Services (social services) and ask them your questions. Moving your mom back in to use her for her money is not fair to her and will keep you in a sort of financial bondage that is not sustainable. Check your local area's Council on Aging and talk to them about possible resources, or go to and for more info.
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Leave her where she is. Medicaid won’t provide a hospital bed and if they approve a home health aid, she won’t get the level of care she requires. The aid won’t be there full time.
Honestly you are thinking about YOUR own financial well being rather than about what is best for your mother. Move to a smaller apartment or start renting a room. And leave your mom where she is.
moving her home will only make your black hole bigger.
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CaregiverL Mar 1, 2020
Cali, nobody going to rent an apt to someone without an income.
I remember your situation with your mom and how hard it had become. You are so young to be a full time caregiver and if you move mom home there will certainly be no opportunity for career or better employment. I understand things look bleak but I really hope you don’t take this step
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