MIL in IL suddenly declined in the last few months. it’s probably due to the isolation caused by COVID. When she moved in to her unit in IL in 2019 she was just MCI. Now she has deteriorated to moderate dementia, lost weight, is hallucinating, wandering/exit seeking behavior. No UTI/infection/head trauma, just dementia progressed so much that IL has asked us to get her out, because she needs higher level of care/support.

We are remote caregivers. We will drive cross country next week to move her. We decided to move her to an AFH so she’ll get more attention compared to going to MC. Half of the MC we’ve contacted are having covid lockdowns and I heard people are restricted in their rooms and are declining fast (just like MIL).

MIL thinks she’s perfectly healthy ( both physically and mentally ) and does not want to move, especially to “a house with roommates”.

But moving day is coming soon next week. What do we do? I’m afraid if we “just drop her off” she might not survive the huge shock.

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Ludmila - I don't envy your task. I'm afraid it will be a shock no matter what you do. So, prepare yourself mentally. Lower your expectation.

Maybe her doc can prescribe some med to calm her down before and after the move. Don't know if that's possible, but worth asking.

Other posters will have more suggestions for you.

Good luck
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