Trying to move my mom to live with in California from Texas but don't know how to move her Medicare insurance. Who should I contact?

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Medicare 2020 book “Medicare & You” (Royal blue header) is in the mail right now. All states have thier own edition, as they have a section in the back that details the Advantage plans, drug plans, PACE, Medicare-Medicaid plans, etc., that your state has & for what areas or counties.
See if you can get the one for California as she’s moving to CA. The Areas on Aging get extra copies from the feds. This will give you a way to start comparison shopping if she’s doing Medicare Advantage path for health insurance. It’s on line as well.

BUT if she’s staying traditional original Medicare for A &B and buys a mediGAP policy that info is NOT in the MediCARE and You book. Instead you need to look at the 2019 Choosing a MediGAP Policy (Grey header - CMS # 02110) and you will actually need to call around to find a CA based gap policy that works for her needs. Some Areas on Aging do mini seminars on how to evaluate gap policies. The booklet has a step by step & FAQ how to do this as well.

Btw no more MediGAP plan C or plan F for 2020. Closest is plan G.
and there’s an indexed for inflation surcharge for those higher incomes. Unless she’s over 85k no need to think about this though.
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Annual enrollment is between October and December. Start mid October but realize that plans may still be updating. Find a plan at and enter the zip. you will contact them about a month prior to the move unless you are planning for January. The time frame is perfect to compare plans. My mom is wait listed and hopefully will have a place by January. I will call the plan of choice to make the transition.
Traditional Medicare has no problems but my mom is currently on an advantage plan. I will first look at the drugs she is on and save those (saving lists is possible)without adding the doctor. I will next look at plans with doctor of choice and see what comes of it. Good luck.
I turn 65 mid year so I will also be looking between Oct and Dec.
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Her medicare gap insurance? Because Medicare itself is a federal program requiring only that you do a change of address. If she is on Kaiser or some program limited to certain states then she needs to choose her medigap supplemental from those offer in state she is in. Do you have a Kaiser near you? Because if she signs up with them it is going to be easy and you will never see a bill again. They handle all the medicare and etc. Check them out if they are near you. Both my partner and I love our Ma Kaiser (call her that because she hounds you to get you pneumonia shot, your flu shot, everything preventative).
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AlvaDeer Sep 16, 2019
Oooop, just occurred to me you may mean mediCAID? I am always one to interpose the one for the other. Not sure now if you mean medicare or medicaid.
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