My mom is on Medicaid in a nursing home in a dementia unit in Pennsylvania. She is wheelchair bound. We are considering moving her to a similar unit in South Carolina. I know laws regarding Medicaid vary from state to state. I need information on the process of transferring her, but don't even know where to start. HELP!

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What I read about this is that there are several caveats to consider.
As Angel said, make sure mom would qualify in SC. That would be financially and for level of care.
Also realize that she can't have two Medicaid accounts going at the same time. So you would want to check her out of one (at end of mo) and check her into another knowing you would have to private pay for maybe up to 90 days. File for SC Immediately upon checkin and hope for retroactive reimbursement.
Here is a website where I found the info.
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This move is complicated by the fact that she has already qualified for medicaid in Pennsylvania (which is a long process)

In order to move, she must qualify for medicaid in South Carolina. Discontinuing her medicaid in pennsyvania may trigger collection of funds for that stay (depends on the state) so if there is a house in question, it could trigger the sale of a house and collection by Pennsylvania of the cost they have spent on her so far. If there is money left over, then she probably wont qualify for medicaid in South Carolina right away -- until she spends the funds down on her care.

If there is no house/car in question the process will be simpler, but will still take some time and will subject her to another inspection of her assets and income.

You should start by investigating the Medicaid rules of South Carolina to see if she would be able to qualify.

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