Neuro dxd Dad with moderate dementia 04/2017.

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My husband's internist was useless once he got dementia. The geriatrician we switched to was fabulous. She followed his neurologist's lead in treating his dementia. She was very knowledgeable about drug interactions. She NEVER talked about him as if he wasn't in the room. As she got to know him and his conditions over the ten years she served him she would often call in prescriptions for him without requiring him to come into the office, knowing how much of a struggle that could be.

At 72 I don't quite feel the need of a geriatrician, but when I do I hope she is taking new patients!
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Are you unhappy with the care his current primary care doctor is providing?

We found that a geriatric doctor was a good fit for my mom when she entered an Independent Living facility. He took her off most of her meds, simplified her bp med routine and gave her his cell phone number, saying " if your bp goes above this number or below this number, call me". He answered my texts day and night, when necessary. He hooked her up with a geriatric psychiatrist who treated her anxiety and sent her for cognitive testing, which revealed extensive deficits ( which finally convinced my brother that she wasn't just being a drama queen).

So, we had a good experience.
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