My parents are finally in a good place, and I want to go live with my boyfriend again when my lease is up in August and have my life back and begin working on my career again.

How can I do this?

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Your Mom and Dad are where they are because of the choices they made. Yes, they are young and you r too. You don't need to visit often. You just need to get on with your life. They are being cared for. Clean and fed.

Good luck
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aj6044, I see from your profile that your parents are living in a nursing home, so you know they have a roof over their heads, meals, and someone to watch over them. My gosh your parents being in their 60's are so very young to be having these medical issues. That is so sad.

Yes, time to jump start your life again. I remember when my Dad wanted me to retire from my career so I could be available more often. I answer Dad by asking if he gave up his career to take care of his parents or Mom's parents? He never asked me again.

But do take note, even though your parents are in a nursing home, you are still their caregiver, not hands-on but more logistical. When my parents moved to their respected facilities, I still went into a panic any time one of the facilities would call. And there was always the rush to the ER if the facility had called 911. Then I was doing the financials for Dad as he was use to Mom doing that chore. Doing income taxes, the whole nine yards... [whew].
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