She is 86, broke her shoulder, and is no longer able to live alone. She is making slow progress in the Rehab center, but it is 800 miles away. I would like to transfer her to a local Rehab/Nursing facility for the month or so that she will be treated. I paid $100 to have her transported from the hospital to the Rehab center. I hate to think of how much it would cost for 800 miles. The therapist thinks she would be able to make the trip to KY, but I am concerned about checking her out and not being allowed (Medicare) to get her back into Rehab under the 100 day Medicare/Supplemental coverage. She has used about 18 days so far. She will be living with us after she completes therapy.

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You fears may be well founded (about Medicare) if you check her out on your own. You should research this carefully with Medicare. The site is helpful. I'm assuming you have her Medicare information. You could set up "my Medicare" and that could get you some good information. Otherwise, there are phone numbers you can call (the wait is annoying, so if you can do it on the Web you may prefer it). But I think you are right about checking this out ahead of time so you know just how this will affect her ability to get care through Medicare.
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