My husband may need assisted living within the next year. Do I move with him to assisted living or maintain my home?

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I am quite healthy and able to drive and am 76 He is 75 and has just been diagnosed withVascular Dimensia.. .

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I believe you should move with him
What do YOU want to do? With vascular dementia he may need memory care with you possibly to assisted. My mom and hubby were separated with their move because of my mom's Alzheimer's and the behaviors that go along with it that were much too difficult for her hubby to manage.
it seems to me that you could hire in home help much more cheaply than assisted living . being institutionalized would be my worst nightmare .
If your finances support it, perhaps you can find a quality Memory care facility that is near you. That way, you may maintain your independance and still be able to visit your husband quite frequently. I know it is hard (impossible?) to see into the future, but it's possible that the level of care he will require and the potential for him to be in a locked down memory care unit might adversely affect your life to a significant degree. Personally, I would opt to keep him at home with aides for an exteneded period of time and then consider assisted living of the proper type. You can make the decision at that time as to whether or not you plan to join him there.

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