Mom has dementia. Sent has expressed her feelings of going home to the Lord soon. She has always been manipulative with my siblings whom are from one father and me the only child from my father. She has resisted moving closer to us for the past 5 years. I've pulled my hair out with her many times. She's alone now and I'm the only child who works and is willing to support her if she moved closer to me or my other siblings. She now says she is going home to the Lord soon. Having grown up with her and my half sister the same, we feel guilty for our resentments towards her but want nothing but to have her be safe and feel loved. How do you cope with 2 negatives meaning our resentment and her stage in life now? I'm reacting with moving her to a home where she will see us often but fear the worst of this moving making her die soon.

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Yes. My sister is with her this week and I'm driving down next week. I have received some information on care facilities and am going to look at one this week.
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A person with moderate to advanced dementia really can't live alone, so the choices are to move her into a care center suitable to her needs, or bring sufficient care in to her home (round the clock).

Moving is often difficult on persons with dementia. But living alone is more difficult still.

You may simply have to accept the lesser of the bad options. Sorry.

As for her feelings of going home to Lord soon, what are her doctors saying about her prognosis?

Have you decided to move her and want advice in HOW to accomplish it with the least negative impact? Or are you still trying to decide whether to move her? What kind of help would you like from us?
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