I'm moving to a new job in Encino. What would be the starting point for moving nursing home- who can help to find an appropriate nursing home for my mom in Encino. Can the present Nursing play a role on this?

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Not sure if you've asked before. Depends on where she is now and her state. You should check AARP or ALZ website for the care facilities in that area. They have a listing by location or county with ratings and number of beds. That will help you narrow your search. You can also check with the senior or aging services agency in that area for some listings and recommendations.

Visit a few that you've narrowed down and visit -- several times if possible to observe the population served, staff interaction, etc. Ask questions around any specific needs your mom has, health, behavioral, ALZ state, etc to make sure the facility can meet your immediate and long term needs. Understand the financials and discuss with them. If this is your first time, a god read in this area is "36 hr DAy" with a section on NH selection, good advice on financing, what to look for and ask, etc.

If this is a far move, mom could be moved by medical transport if she isn't able to travel by car with you.
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